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Ensuring Member Welfare
Encouraging Spiritual growth amongst men
Giving to Charity

Meeting Days: 1st Sunday of Every Month (After Service) by 12noon

About MMU

To be a platform to offer salvation, discipleship and developing the total man in Baptist men and boys, thus translating them into resourceful and successful husbands and fathers; providing God’s leadership in the home, church and community to show direction to the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Enlisting the active involvement of all Baptist men and boys, including professionals and successful business men

Re-orientating the generality of the men and boys to the reality of the Gospel

Leading every Baptist man and boy into the salvation of his soul, leading to maturity and become a total man in Christ.

Helping Baptist men and boys to become relevant in his homes, business/ career, the church of God and the nation at large.

Assisting Baptist men and boys to be delivered from anti-social vices that are prevalent in the body, etc